Think About It: The Path to Greening the Supply Chain

James R. Hagan, Former VP of Sustainability & Environment at GlaxoSmithKline Stan L. Laskowski, Lecturer in Environmental Studies (Founder of Philadelphia Global Water Initiative)

Mar 5, 2014 at | Huntsman Hall 641

Special Seminar

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With hybrid cars, compostable packaging, and reusable water bottles, consumers are all about sustainability. But what about producers? Within a supply chain, firms are engaging in corporate social responsibility and placing an emphasis on sustainable, efficient operations. 

Join CHAC for this semester’s first Think About It event in partnership with IGEL on environmentally friendly supply chains. Featuring professors and professionals in the field, the roundtable discussion will address the progress, future, and policy of sustainable supply chains. Refreshments will be served!

Think About It is a year-long campaign by the Civic House Associates Coalition (CHAC) to promote civic engagement at Penn. We aim to raise awareness of the multitude of forms that service takes and the issues that impact our local and global community.