The Department of Earth and Environmental Science offers undergraduate majors in both Earth Science and Environmental Studies.  Each of these majors has a set of tracks or concentrations that allow students to tailor their major to their career goals and interests.

Earth Science Major

This major is for students who want an understanding of the various physical, chemical, and geologic processes that work within our planet and on its surface. Students gain the skills needed to scientifically study and reconstruct Earth's history from the beginning of the solar system to historic times. Students gain hands-on experience in analyzing fossils, rocks, minerals, maps, aerial photographs, and satellite images in the laboratory and on field trips.  Earth Science students understand the geologic and environmental processes associated with natural resources, soil formation, natural hazards, coastal and earth surface processes and the detection and control of anthropogenic pollution. Graduates go on to apply their skills to academic research and a broad range of careers, including environmental and geologic consulting, resource management, and engineering.

Concentrations in:

Environmental Studies Major

The program in Environmental Studies is designed to provide students with the skills to understand and address contemporary environmental issues. The major integrates studies in the natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, policy and management in order to study complex issues of the environment and humans’ interaction with it.  Core courses cover environmental and earth science, data analysis, economics and policy, and provide students with the skills and breadth of understanding they need for purposeful study in a concentration.  Due to the interdisciplinary approach of the program, graduates go on to work in a variety of fields. Graduate go on to apply their skills to academic research and a broad range of careers, including environmental consulting, “green” finance, government, and education. 

Concentrations in: