Prospective PhD Student Presentations

Prospective PhD Students

Feb 6, 2017 at | 358 Hayden Hall

Special Seminar


Aaron Hagadorn; University of California Santa Cruz

The Stability of Sulfates in the Earth's Interior


Travis Hager; Texas A&M University

Deformation of Sheared Marginal Granites and the Forceful Emplacement of Tungstonia Pluton, Kern Mountains, Nevada


Mary Sabuda; Michigan State University

Sulfur Biogeochemistry in Serpentinization-influenced Groundwater


Nathan Li; Johns Hopkins University

Environmental Applications of Modeling for Celluar Metabolism


Abigail Caron; MIT

Phylogenetic Insights into Sterol Biosynthesis and the Rise of Oxygen


15 minute break


Matthew Dietrich; Miami University

Urban Metal Pollution Investigations in Gary IN and Middletown, OH


Chase Chandler; University of Alabama Birmingham

Rare Earth Ion Doped II-IV Semiconductors for Mid IR Laser Capabilities


 Nakul Deshpande; Idaho University

The Structural Fabric and Deformation of a Mountain Logjam:  Cameras, Creep, and Chopsticks


Lin Boynton

An Environmental Biosensor: Using a Gas Approach to Study the Soil Microbiome


Clay Wood; Emory University

"Liquid Coffee Rings" and the Spreading of Volatile Liquid Mixtures