Prospective PhD Student Presentations

Prospective PhD Students

Feb 22, 2016 at | 358 Hayden Hall

Special Seminar


Micheal O'Shea, Suny Coll Geneseo
Using The Morphology of Impact Craters as a Relative Age Indicator for Fluvial Activity at Xanthe Terra, Mars –
Callie Crawford, University of Rhode Island
Skeletal Morphology in the Chondrichthyan Tree of Life

Samantha Giancarli, Richard Stockton College
Preliminary exploration of 3-dimensional forelimb mechanics of Pogona vitticeps using markerless video tracking

John Sime, College of Wooster
Edge-drilling: Snail Predatory Behavior or Phantom of Typological Thinking

Michelle Zill, University of California San Diego
Fish Productivity during the Eocene/Oligocene Transition

Allison Villegos Roman, Cuny Hunter College
Environmental Science, the Forgotten Fundamental Pillar for National Security

Rebecca Wilkes, Cuny Washington and Jefferson College
Phytoremediation potential of native wetland species in acid mine drainage (AMD) conditions

Aaron Hurst, Vanderbilt University
Plucking in Mixed Alluvial-Bedrock Rivers: The Incipient Motion Problem