Hayden Walk

Hayden Annual Walk

Sep 6, 2019 at | Meet in front of Hayden Hall

Special Seminar

 Who is the Hayden of Hayden Hall? Many buildings on campus carry the name of one or another generous donor who helped purchase the stone and mortar. But, the building that houses Penn's Department of Earth and Environmental Science is not among these; it's namesake, Ferdinand Vandeveer Hayden, studied the rocks themselves.   During his life, Ferdinand Hayden (1829-1887) led numerous geological surveys across the largely uncharted western United States, producing maps of its rocks and landforms. All the while, Hayden amassed countless fossil and rock specimens for study by other Penn professors (e.g. Joseph Leidy of Leidy Labs). Under PresidentUlysses S. Grant he led the nation's first federally funded geological survey, during which he was among the first  naturalists to explore the Yellowstone region of Wyoming. His subsequent report helped make Yellowstone our first national park. Hayden, a man who led an indefatigable life--the Sioux Indians called him "man who picks up stones running"--finally rests in The Woodlands Cemetery, on the edge of campus. He is buried there with his wife Emma,a member of the expeditions.   Join us Friday, September 6th, on the eve of Ferdinand Vandeveer Hayden's 190th birthday to celebrate his contributions to science. We will congregate outside Hayden Hall at approximately 3pm and proceed to his gravesite. All professors, students, and friends of geology are welcome!