Faith in Fossils? Theological Reflections of a Penn Paleontologist

Peter Dodson, Peter Dodson, Professor of Anatomy and Paleontology, University of Pennsylvania

Feb 5, 2014 at | Terrace Room, Cohen Hall

Special Seminar

Professor Dodson is co-editor of The Dinosauria, a definitive scholarly resource, and the author or co-author of more than one hundred academic papers and books.  A research associate of the Academy of Natural Sciences and a member of the advisory committee for the Institute for Religion and Science, Dodson has taught a broad range of courses in geology, history, history and sociology of science, and religious studies for more than three decades at  Penn.  In 2011 he received a Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award. 

Sponsored by: Collegium Institute; Cosponsored by Penn Newman Center, Penn Jews and Muslims, Dialoguing in Abraham's Tent, Penn InterVarsity, the Whitefield Society, and the Veritas Forum.