EES Seminar Series - Dr. Susan Lang

"Carbon, water, and life in the oceanic crust"

Feb 3, 2023 at - | Hayden Hall 358

Special Seminar

The Department of Earth & Environmental Science

University of Pennsylvania

Invites you to attend a EES Seminar Series

Friday, February 3rd - 3:00 PM


"Carbon, water, and life in the oceanic crust"


Dr. Susan Lang

Director, NOSAMS

Associate Scientist with Tenure

Geology & Geophysics


Susan Lang (current director of NOSAMS) is a geochemist who investigates the interactions among water, rocks, and microbes. She characterizes the abundances and isotopes of carbon compounds to investigate the origins of organic molecules and life on our planet and others, how microbes survive in the rocky subsurface, and the role of water-rock interactions in the global carbon cycle.