Nathan Gewant


Hello! I am a senior from Portland, Oregon majoring in Environmental Science and Chemistry. My favorite classes through the environmental science department so far have been EESC 2300: Global Climate Change with Dr. Mann and EESC 4200: Geochemistry with Dr. Gieré. Previously at Penn, I worked in the Vagelos Institute for Energy Science and Technology researching organometallic catalytic pathways under Dr. Goldberg and did climate planning and policy recommendation work for PennPraxis. Besides UAB, I am currently working for the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy on a techno-economic analysis of solar fuels under Dr. Golberg and Dr. Mallouk. I also work as an EcoRep through Penn Sustainability, as well as a general and organic chemistry tutor through the Weingarten Center. Outside of Penn, I enjoy skiing, surfing, rock climbing, and backpacking!