Jon Hawkings

Dr. Jon Hawkings

Assistant Professor

262 Hayden Hall


I am a biogeochemist with a broad interest in the cycling of elements through the Earth system. My current research focuses on the role of glacial meltwater in downstream biogeochemical cycles. I take particular interest in the potential of meltwater to influence the structure and productivity of ecosystems, subglacial biogeochemical weathering processes, and the mobilization of nutrients and toxic elements in freshwater environments and export to coastal ecosystems. In the past I have been involved with research ranging from biogeochemistry of supraglacial (surface ice) environments (cryoconite – “ice dust”), to ice sheet hydrology (the flow of water and sediment through glaciers) and water quality of groundwater aquifers in the Bahamas.

A large part of my research is based on field observations (sample collection for analysis in labs and electrochemical sensor deployment). Fieldwork has taken me to remote areas of the Arctic, Patagonia and the Himalayas. This has included sampling in Svalbard, Greenland, India and Chile. Additionally, I am a collaborator on a subglacial lake drilling projection in Antarctica (, have also worked in the tropics sampling groundwaters and have taught field skills on multiple field trips to the European Alps.

My personal website can be found here.

  • PhD (09/2015): Biogeochemistry, University of Bristol, UK
  • MSci (07/2009): Physical Geography, University of Bristol, UK
Research Interests
  • Aqueous biogeochemistry
  • Elemental cycles (land to ocean)
  • Chemical weathering
  • Glaciology
  • Mineralogy
  • Contaminant transport (e.g., Hg, As, Cr, Pb)
  • Analytical environmental chemistry
Courses Taught

ENVS4250 Our Water Planet

Selected Publications

Please see my publications on Google Scholar and ResearchGate


I am usually a member of the American Geophysical Union, the European Association of Geochemistry, the Geochemical Society of America, and the International Glaciological Society.

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