John Ruck


B.A. Geosciences/Business, Franklin and Marshall College (2020)

  • Thesis: Properties and mechanisms of transport of colluvial sediment in relict lobate landforms on hillslopes south of the Last Glacial Maximum ice margin, Pennsylvania, and possible associations with Late Pleistocene permafrost 
Research Group
Jerolmack Group
Research Interests

Advisor: Douglas Jerolmack

  • Geomorphological landform dynamics
  • Experimental physics of mixed grain and ice systems
  • Particle-scale sediment transport
Selected Publications
  • Lewis, L., Lewis, E., Sawyer, S., Merritts, D., Walter, R.C., Rahnis, M.A., Snyder, N.P., Ruck, J., Villari, Z., Wachino, I. and Inamdar, S.P., 2018, December. Historic Reservoir Sediment Storage and Erosion Rates from Lidar and DEM Differencing, Chiques Creek Watershed, Pennsylvania. In AGU Fall Meeting 2018. AGU.
  • Lewis, E., Merritts, D., Rahnis, M.A., Walter, R.C., Lewis, L., Sawyer, S., Ruck, J. and Villari, Z., 2018. Aerial Photogrammetry and Repeat Lidar as a Method of Quantifying Erosion Rates in Legacy Sediment as an Alternative to Traditional Methodologies. AGUFM2018, pp.H53N-1785.

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