John Ruck


PhD Candidate

Hayden Hall 469


B.A. Geosciences/Business, Franklin and Marshall College (2020)

  • Thesis: Properties and mechanisms of transport of colluvial sediment in relict lobate landforms on hillslopes south of the Last Glacial Maximum ice margin, Pennsylvania, and possible associations with Late Pleistocene permafrost 
Research Group
Jerolmack Group
Research Interests

Using robotic legs as penetrometers to study the mechanical properties of granular materials

Rheology of permafrost & regolith-ice mixtures



Courses Taught

EESC2600 - Stratigraphy

Selected Publications

Ruck, J. G., Wilson, C. G., Shipley, T., Koditschek, D., Qian, F., & Jerolmack, D. (2024). Downslope weakening of soil revealed by a rapid robotic rheometer. Geophysical Research Letters, 51, e2023GL106468.


Pennsylvania Council of Professional Geologists

Geoscience Founders Society

American Geophysical Union