Hugo N. Ulloa

Dr. Hugo N. Ulloa

Assistant Professor


264B Hayden Hall


Fluid dynamicist unraveling geophysical and environmental flows. My research focuses on characterizing the physics governing transport and mixing processes in natural waters, such as lakes and coastal seas. For this, I blend theory, high-resolution numerical modelling with laboratory and field observations. My goal is to develop mathematical models that reproduce and provide a physical understanding of the functioning of aquatic environments.

  • Ph.D. (10/2015) Program in Fluid Dynamics, Universidad de Chile 
  • Civil Engineer Diploma, Hydraulic Mention (03/2011), Universidad de Chile
  • B.Sc. Engineering Sciences (2010), Universidad de Chile
  • B.Sc. Geophysics (2010), Universidad de Chile
Research Interests

Geophysical and Environmental Fluid Dynamics:

  • Mechanically and buoyancy driven flows in rotating and stratified environments
  • Flows in confined geophysical environments.

  • Suspended and dissolved tracer dynamics in aquatic systems.

Courses Taught

Hydrology (EESC 4630/5630), Fall semester

Environmental Fluid Dynamics (4360/6360), Spring semester

Independent Study (EESC 9999): Topics in Geophysical and Environmental Fluid Dynamics, both semesters

Selected Publications

See complete publication lists at Google Scholar and ResearchGate.


Regular member of AGU, EGU, IAHR, EUROMECH

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