Amina Youssef


Ph.D. Student


(2022) Whitman College, B.A. Biology, Chemistry Minor

Research Group
Penn BiCycles Laboratory
Research Interests
  • Broad range of interests in biogeochemistry of glacial environments. 
  • Subglacial chemical weathering and meltwater quality analysis.  
  • Understanding the biogeochemical range of the mixing zone, where non-saline glacial meltwaters mix with saline waters, to understand how glacial retreat may be contributing to increased trace metals, increased mercury, and increased nutrient concentrations in downstream ecosystems. 
  • Unlearning Racism in Geosciences (URGE), University of Pennsylvania • Fall 2022 - Present 
  • SasGov EES Representative, University of Pennsylvania  • Fall 2022 - Spring 2022
  • National Undergraduate Research (NCUR) Presenter  • Spring 2022