Environmental Studies minor

Environmental Studies Minor

This 6 CU minor is based on 4 required courses and 2 additional, relevant upper division courses.

Core courses (4 CUs)

ENVS 100: Introduction to Environmental Science (1 CU) formerly ENVS 200

ENVS 204: Global Climate Change (1 CU), OR,
ENVS 301: Environmental Case Studies (1 CU), OR,
ENVS 400: Environmental Studies Seminar (1 CU), OR,
GEOL 100: Introduction to Geology (1 CU), OR,
GEOL 103: Natural Disturbances and Disasters (1 CU), OR,
GEOL 125: Earth and Life Through Time (1 CU), OR,
GEOL 130: Oceanography (1 CU)

Data Analysis and Statistics (1 CU) from pre-approved ENVS course list.

Economics and Policy (1 CU) from pre-approved ENVS course list.

Elective courses (2 CUs)

The other two courses should be chosen in consultation with the ENVS major advisor and need to be at the 400- or 500-level