Environmental Science minor

Environmental Science Minor

This 6 CU minor is based on 5 required courses and 1 additional upper division courses within Earth and Environmental Science.

Required courses (5 CU)

ENVS 100: Introduction to Environmental Science (1 CU)

AND 1 of the 5 courses below:

ENVS 301: Environmental Case Studies (1 CU)
ENVS 400: Environmental Studies Seminar (1 CU)
GEOL 100: Introduction to Geology (1 CU)
GEOL 103: Natural Disturbances and Human Disasters (1 CU)
GEOL 125: Earth and Life Through Time (1 CU)
GEOL 130: Oceanography (1 CU)

AND one of the following two options:

BIOL 101 Introduction to Biology A (1 CU) AND BIOL 102 Introduction to Biology B (1 CU), OR
BIOL 121 Molecular Biology of Life (1 CU) AND AP BIOL credit


BIOL 240: Ecology: from individuals to ecosystems (1 CU)

Elective course (1 CU)

One upper division courses in Earth and Environmental Science. Course must be approved by Minor advisor. Courses taken as part of the required courses cannot be counted for the elective.