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Paleobiology concentration

Students in the paleobiology concentration learn how the biological and physical conditions in deep time shaped the current conditions on Earth. Paleobiologists use image analysis and evolutionary theory to deduce the patterns of change in the biosphere. The concentration/major is made up 15 credits from several groups of courses outlined below. Click on the title of each of the headers below to show/hide more details.

(Minimum 18.5 credits for Major / 36 credits total)

BIOL 101: Introduction to Biology A (1.5 CU)
BIOL 102: Introduction to Biology B (1.5 CU)
BIOL 230: Evolutionary Biology (1 CU)

GEOL 100: Introduction to Geology (1 CU), OR
GEOL 125: Earth and Life Through Time (1 CU)

GEOL 111: Geology Laboratory (1 CU)

GEOL 205: Paleontology (1 CU)
GEOL 206: Stratigraphy (1 CU)

Choose one course from two different disciplines. One from each of the following lists:


GEOL 415: Paleobotany (1 CU)
GEOL 411: Intro Soil Science (1 CU), OR, GEOL 511: Advanced Soil Science
GEOL 515: Evolution of Terrestrial Ecosystems (1 CU)
GEOL 615: Adv. Vertebrate Paleontology Seminar (1 CU)


BIOL 202: Cellular Biology and Biochemistry (1 CU)
BIOL 221: Molecular Biology and Genetics (1 CU)
BIOL 240: Ecology and Population Biology (1 CU)
BIOL 325: Biology of the lnvertebrates (1 CU)
BIOL 330: Vertebrate Biology (1 CU)
BIOL 400: Field Botany (1 CU)
BIOL 450: Plant Systematics (1 CU)

CHEM 001: Introductory Chemistry I AND CHEM 051: Introductory Chemistry Laboratory I (1.5 CU), OR
CHEM 101: General Chemistry I AND CHEM 053: General Chemistry Laboratory I (1.5 CU)

CHEM 102: General Chemistry II AND CHEM 054: General Chemistry Laboratory II (1.5 CU)

PHYS 150: Principles of Physics I: Mechanics and Wave Motion AND PHYS 050: Principles of Physics Laboratory I (1.5 CU), OR
PHYS 170: Honors Physics I: Mechanics and Wave Motion AND PHYS 070: Principles of Physics Honors Laboratory I (1.5 CU)

MATH 104: Calculus, Part I (1 CU)

MATH 114: Calculus, Part II (for the Physical Sciences) (1 CU), OR
MATH 115: Calculus, Part II with Probability and Matrices (for the Biological Sciences) (1 CU), OR
BIOL 446: Statistics for Biologists (1 CU), OR
STAT 101: Introductory Business Statistics (1 CU), OR
STAT 111: Introductory Statistics (1 CU)

GEOL 399: Junior Research Seminar (1 CU)

GEOL 498: Senior Thesis Seminar, A and B (1 CU)

Department of Earth and Environmental Science / University of Pennsylvania, 251 Hayden Hall, 240 South 33rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6316