Jazmine Rud

Hello! I’m from Seattle and I’m a junior in the College majoring in earth science with a concentration in environmental science, as well as a second major in biology. I currently work in the Plante lab on projects related to the cycling of organic matter and soil dynamics. One of my favorite classes that I’ve taken in the department was Dr. Plante’s Case Studies in Environmental Sustainability, which is a Penn Global Seminar focused on Iceland. This course allowed me to compare the various global efforts to increase sustainability of current practices and provided the opportunity to travel to Iceland and observe the subjects of the case studies firsthand. Additionally, I am taking a soil science course, which has already begun to solidify the foundational information related to my current lab work. Currently, I’m interested in the intersection of plant and soil sciences, which my major combination has addressed well. Outside of academics, I enjoy hiking and exploring the city, and I would love to answer any questions related to going abroad, getting involved in research, and coursework!