New Course Offering - Environmental Fluid Dynamics (GEOL 400-301)

Environmental Fluid Dynamics (GEOL 400-301)

Environmental fluid dynamics (EFD) is an applied branch of fluid mechanics devoted to studying the transport and distribution of heat, dissolved and suspended matter in natural fluid systems, including atmospheric and aquatic environments. These fluid systems play a critical role in the health and quality of ecosystems on which life on Earth relies. Students will learn to 1) identify human and natural stressors acting on natural fluid environments (e.g., pollutants, nutrients, heat fluxes), 2) characterize the physical mechanisms responsible of transport and mixing processes in aquatic and atmospheric environments (e.g., annual thermodynamic cycle of lakes), and 3) characterize quantitatively the fluid and flow properties in natural aquatic systems, including rivers, lakes and coastal seas (e.g., residence timescale of fluid properties).

MWF - 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

Prerequisite: Math 104

Instructor: Dr. Hugo Ulloa